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James Congdon

James Congdon has been a Realtor in Santa Fe since 1998 and a multi-million dollar producer every year since joining …

Photo of James Congdon
Associate Broker

John Congdon

Born and raised in rural La Cueva near Santa Fe, John has always enjoyed the outdoors and exploring. After 18 years w…

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Associate Broker

Audrey Curry

Audrey epitomizes creativity, hard work, professionalism, an extensive knowledge of Santa Fe and the highest level of…

Photo of Audrey Curry
Associate Broker

Cheryl Davis

Cheryl moved to Santa Fe from Dallas in 1986. Her experience as a long time resident and real estate broker has shown…

Photo of Cheryl Davis
Associate Broker

Janine DeMarco

Janine DeMarco has proudly been part of Santa Fe's leading independent real estate firm since 1998. That firm, of cou…

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Associate Brokers

Heidi Helm / Dermot Monks

Listings in HD

High definition (HD) is structured with an advanced degree of detail, the absolute precision and ex…

Photo of Heidi Helm / Dermot Monks
Associate Broker

Janelle Dry

Janelle Dry has called Santa Fe home for over 15 years and comes to the real estate business after establishing a bou…

Photo of Janelle Dry
Associate Broker

Suzy Eskridge

Suzy Eskridge has been a Realtor since 1985. She is active in the residential and commercial markets of Santa Fe and …

Photo of Suzy Eskridge
Associate Broker

Laurie Farber-Condon

Laurie Farber-Condon has gracefully transitioned into her third decade in the Santa Fe real estate market. A native N…

Photo of Laurie Farber-Condon
Associate Broker

Dave Feldt

A Santa Fe resident since 1985, Dave grew up in Kansas working in the family's general contracting and custom farming…

Photo of Dave Feldt
Associate Broker

Peter Ferrara

Peter is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a penchant for listening and a proven methodology for successful real esta…

Photo of Peter Ferrara
Associate Broker

Brad Furry

Brad was born and raised in Durango, CO. He comes from a family of four and now has four boys of his own. Brad attend…

Photo of Brad Furry
Associate Broker

Sue Garfitt

Sue Garfitt has been in real estate full-time for over 30 years of which over 24 years have been spent in Santa Fe. S…

Photo of Sue Garfitt
Associate Broker

Julia Gelbart

Q & A with Julia Gelbart:

Q: One of the first questions people ask who want to buy or sell a house is "how long ha…

Photo of Julia Gelbart
Associate Broker

Paul Geoffrey

Paul Geoffrey was born and educated in England. After graduating, Paul pursued a successful career in film, televisio…

Photo of Paul Geoffrey
Associate Broker

Gwen Gilligan

Gwen Gilligan has been active in the real estate market in Santa Fe since 1980 when she was managing both a residenti…

Photo of Gwen Gilligan

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