Photo of Donean Carillo

Donean Carrillo

Showing Coordinator

Born and raised in Santa Fe, Donean is a proud, yet humble native that comes from two big families of hard workers. “Growing up, I was taught to never be afraid of hard work and to always be willing to lend a helping hand.” Donean has been with Santa Fe Properties for 4 years, and is currently our Showing Coordinator. But her assistance does not stop there, she is always ready and willing to jump in and figure out any issue that might arise. “My goal for this company is to keep things running smooth and bring ease to any stressful situations; all while keeping a fun-loving attitude.”

Contact Donean
Office Phone 505.982.4466
Fax 505.984.1003

Main Office

1000 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501

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