Cristina Branco, Associate Broker

Born to Portuguese parents in Angola, Africa and a dedicated world traveler, Cristina Branco brings a broad, global perspective to her work. Cristina is proficient in Portuguese, French, English and Spanish. During her 18 years as a realtor in Santa Fe, she has built five homes, an experience which gives her a deep knowledge of local market conditions and workforce as well as a basis for judging the relative value of properties and sites. One of her favorite activities, besides discovering great sites and building new homes, is finding income-producing properties, of which she owns a few – an additional aspect of her market expertise. In Africa, Cristina’s family ran a large manufacturing and retail operation; with business an everyday topic at the family dinner table, she learned early the importance of planning, preparation, and skillful execution as the basis for all successful business ventures. She knows that as she helps her clients through every stage of the real estate process from exploration and discovery to negotiation and contracts through to closing and beyond, it is the careful, meticulous attention to details that matters the most. She also knows that the best business practices are built on clear ethical standards; she strives to give her clients the tools they need to make the best decisions for themselves based on their priorities, interests, and taste. From her parents, Cristina also learned the importance of participating deeply in the life of the local community and of giving back, values which are reflected in her enthusiastic immersion in the life of the Santa Fe community. Cristina is a font of information about living in Santa Fe. Chances are, whether her clients are looking for an expert, a source, or an understanding of how things work, Cristina will have the answer. Above all, it is Cristina’s love of people that sustains her excitement for her work. She loves listening to her clients in order to understand their dreams and aspirations and then to translate what she hears by helping her clients find homes which surpass their expectations. She never tires of helping people find just the right property that will allow them to take fullest advantage of the beauty and magic of Santa Fe.

Office Location: 216 Washington Ave, Santa Fe
Office Phone Number: 505.982.4466


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