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Summer 2020

Not long after its founding in 1986, Santa Fe Properties began publishing Santa Fe Living® Magazine, a collection of fine homes. The magazine has been distributed throughout the Santa Fe area and shipped to clients and potential customers across the globe. Santa Fe Living has been available digitally for several years, but with the changes brought on by Covid-19 we have made the shift to only publish our magazine digitally until we are able to safely distribute to restaurants, hotels, museums and other venues around town. The safety of our community is paramount to our business.

You're not just buying a house, you’re buying a home in a vibrant community. Each issue of Santa Fe Living® not only contains beautiful properties for sale, but also useful maps and guides to get you better acquainted with the city and Santa Fe Properties itself. As Santa Fe changes we grow and adapt with it. Be sure to check back as we make the seasonal shifts and put out new editions of our magazine. Santa Fe Living® publishes a Winter/Spring edition the week of Thanksgiving and a Summer/Fall edition Memorial Day weekend.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Santa Fe Living®, we look forward to continuing to share the very best of Santa Fe and its surrounding areas with you.

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