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Lorin Abbey

Lorin Erramouspe Abbey is a fourth generation New Mexican, hailing originally from ranching communities in Lincoln an…

Photo of Lorin Abbey
Associate Broker

Tom Abrams

Raised in Santa Fe, Tom Abrams brings to his successful Twenty one year real estate career extensive knowledge of the…

Photo of Tom Abrams
Associate Broker

Warren Berg

True expertise in the Santa Fe market takes time, so it's no wonder that after 33 years as a real estate broker in Th…

Photo of Warren Berg
Associate Broker

Bonnie Beutel

Bonnie Beutel was raised in the New York metropolitan area and went on to finish her degree at Washington University …

Photo of Bonnie Beutel
Associate Broker

Gary Boal

My Client-First Philosophy has sold over $55,000,000.

There are many qualities and skills that go into being an ex…

Photo of Gary Boal
Associate Broker

Deborah Bodelson

Deborah Bodelson began her Santa Fe real estate career in 1989. Her past and present experience is in commercial and …

Photo of Deborah Bodelson
Associate Broker

Ivona Borisenko

Meet Ivona: Born and raised in Białystok, Poland. She is an alumna of Warsaw University and New York’s Hunter College…

Photo of Ivona Borisenko
Associate Broker

Linda Bramlette

Linda Bramlette is a seasoned realtor who has lived in Santa Fe for almost twenty years. Santa Fe truly is the city d…

Photo of Linda Bramlette
Associate Broker

Cristina Branco

Born to Portuguese parents in Angola, Africa and a dedicated world traveler, Cristina Branco brings a broad, global p…

Photo of Cristina Branco
Associate Broker

David Brinkman

'Coming to us from Austin Texas, UT at Austin is his Alma Mater, David brings extensive experience in marketing and t…

Photo of David Brinkman
Associate Broker

Renee Brooks

A native New Mexican raised in Santa Fe, Renee Brooks has over 35 years of extensive experience in the real estate an…

Photo of Renee Brooks
Associate Broker

Sharon Brown

Sharon moved to Santa Fe in 1996 to be closer to her family. Prior to her career in real estate, she was a business m…

Photo of Sharon Brown
Associate Brokers

Hultberg Burgess Team

The Hultberg & Burgess Team was formed in 2015 when seasoned brokers Brett Hultberg and Danielle Burgess realized the…

Photo of Hultberg Burgess Team
Associate Broker

Gabrielle Burke

Originally from the East Coast and Mid-West including New York, New Jersey, the Caribbean and Chicago, Gabe Burke cam…

Photo of Gabrielle Burke
Associate Broker

Ginny Cerrella

Born and bred in The Big Apple, Ginny Cerrella graduated from NYU and moved to Hollywood where she earned her living …

Photo of Ginny Cerrella
Associate Broker

Peter Chang

Peter Chang was born and raised in the suburbs of NYC and graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Economi…

Photo of Peter Chang
Associate Broker

Nancy Chiriboga

When it comes to relocating and finding a new home, there are few people with more experience than Nancy Chiriboga. O…

Photo of Nancy Chiriboga
Associate Broker

Patrick Coe

Patrick Coe's voicemail message conveys his upbeat, can-do attitude: "It's another great day to buy or sell Santa Fe …

Photo of Patrick Coe
Associate Broker

James Congdon

James Congdon has been a Realtor in Santa Fe since 1998 and a multi-million dollar producer every year since joining …

Photo of James Congdon
Associate Broker

Brandi Cordova

As a busy wife and mom to three teenagers, Brandi made the decision to pursue her passion of helping others with thei…

Photo of Brandi Cordova
Associate Broker

Audrey Curry

Audrey epitomizes creativity, hard work, professionalism, an extensive knowledge of Santa Fe and the highest level of…

Photo of Audrey Curry
Associate Broker

Cheryl Davis

Cheryl moved to Santa Fe from Dallas in 1986. Her experience as a long time resident and real estate broker has shown…

Photo of Cheryl Davis
Associate Broker

Janine DeMarco

Janine DeMarco has proudly been part of Santa Fe's leading independent real estate firm since 1998. That firm, of cou…

Photo of Janine DeMarco
Associate Broker's

Heidi Helm / Dermot Monks

Listings in HD

High definition (HD) is structured with an advanced degree of detail, the absolute precision and ex…

Photo of Heidi Helm / Dermot Monks
Associate Broker

Sam Escobedo

Sam Escobedo has lived in the Southwest for many years and brings 16 plus years of valuable Real Estate experience as…

Photo of Sam Escobedo
Associate Broker

Suzy Eskridge

Suzy Eskridge has been a Realtor since 1985. She is active in the residential and commercial markets of Santa Fe and …

Photo of Suzy Eskridge
Associate Broker

Laurie Farber-Condon

Laurie Farber-Condon has gracefully transitioned into her third decade in the Santa Fe real estate market. A native N…

Photo of Laurie Farber-Condon
Associate Broker

Dave Feldt

A Santa Fe resident since 1985, Dave grew up in Kansas working in the family's general contracting and custom farming…

Photo of Dave Feldt
Associate Broker

Peter Ferrara

Peter is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a penchant for listening and a proven methodology for successful real esta…

Photo of Peter Ferrara
Associate Broker

Brad Furry

Brad was born and raised in Durango, CO. He comes from a family of four and now has four boys of his own. Brad attend…

Photo of Brad Furry
Associate Broker

Sue Garfitt

Sue Garfitt has been in real estate full-time for over 30 years of which over 24 years have been spent in Santa Fe. S…

Photo of Sue Garfitt
Associate Broker

Julia Gelbart

Q & A with Julia Gelbart:

Q: One of the first questions people ask who want to buy or sell a house is "how long ha…

Photo of Julia Gelbart
Associate Broker

Paul Geoffrey

Paul Geoffrey was born and educated in England. After graduating, Paul pursued a successful career in film, televisio…

Photo of Paul Geoffrey
Associate Broker

Gwen Gilligan

Gwen Gilligan has been active in the real estate market in Santa Fe since 1980 when she was managing both a residenti…

Photo of Gwen Gilligan
Associate Broker

Cinthya Gomez

As the daughter of a local home builder with nearly 25 years in Santa Fe, associate broker Cinthya Gomez offers buyer…

Photo of Cinthya Gomez
Associate Broker

Lu Gonzales

I have lived in New Mexico all my life and in Santa Fe since I was a young child. I attended Santa Fe schools and gra…

Photo of Lu Gonzales
Associate Broker

Philip Gudwin

Philip Gudwin is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He attended Brooklyn College and Brooklyn Museum School of Art and w…

Photo of Philip Gudwin
Associate Broker

Debra Hagey

Debra Hagey joined Santa Fe Properties in 1996 and has been a consistent top producer over the last 10 years. She has…

Photo of Debra Hagey
Associate Broker

Jan Hamilton

As a professional real estate broker, Jan Hamilton says, "my goal is to be diligent and effective so that my clients …

Photo of Jan Hamilton
Associate Broker

Heidi Helm

Heidi Helm is that quintessential people person. She has been a resident of Santa Fe for over 25 years and a licensed…

Photo of Heidi Helm
Associate Broker

Christine Helou

After over 20 years in the Land of Enchantment, Christine feels like a native ! Santa Fe has been very good to her, s…

Photo of Christine Helou
Associate Broker

John Herbrand

Having resided in Santa Fe since 1993, John Herbrand has established relationships with large segments of the local c…

Photo of John Herbrand
Associate Broker

Scott Hoeft

Born in Michigan and raised in Colorado, Scott holds a Master's Degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia Unive…

Photo of Scott Hoeft
Associate Broker

David Houston

Born and raised in Santa Fe. And now being back for over two years, I have been doing commercial real estate for myse…

Photo of David Houston
Associate Broker

Justin Jaroszewski

Justin Jaroszewski is a five year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. During his time with the Marines he learned the i…

Photo of Justin Jaroszewski
Associate Broker

Connie Johnson

Connie Johnson is known for her tenacity and creativity in helping people get what they want. She knows the importanc…

Photo of Connie Johnson
Associate Broker

Gene Kalligher

Gene has been investing in real estate for over 27 years. A graduate of both the Universities of Minnesota and Wiscon…

Photo of Gene Kalligher
Associate Broker

Susan Kelly

Susan is a 4th-generation Santa Fean; her great grandfather settled in Santa Fe when the railroad was being establish…

Photo of Susan Kelly
Associate Broker

Corey Kirkpatrick

Friendly, instinctive, capable, ethical, inspiring, those are a few adjectives that describe Corey Kirkpatrick. Hav…

Photo of Corey Kirkpatrick
Associate Broker

Nancy Lewis

A Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), who is consistently in the top 10% of the Santa Fe MLS, Nancy recognizes an…

Photo of Nancy Lewis
Associate Broker

Kristina Lindstrom

“Kristina is one of Santa Fe’s real estate gems. As my realtor, she honored all my stated desires and took into accou…

Photo of Kristina Lindstrom
Associate Broker

Hal Logsdon

Prior to relocating to Santa Fe and joining Santa Fe Properties as a full-time Associate Broker, Hal Logsdon was a li…

Photo of Hal Logsdon
Associate Broker

Susan Loomis

Susan Loomis is a seasoned real estate professional, devoted to serving her clients with their needs in mind. After a…

Photo of Susan Loomis
Associate Broker

Stefania Masoni

Born in Rome, and raised in Paris, since a child Stefania Masoni was surrounded by beautiful architecture and a sense…

Photo of Stefania Masoni
Associate Broker

Christine McDonald

Working in Commercial Real Estate since 1990, Christine’s professional experience includes engineering and business c…

Photo of Christine McDonald
Associate Broker

John McFadden

John McFadden is a recent addition to Santa Fe Properties with over 35 years of real estate experience and deep knowl…

Photo of John McFadden
Associate Broker

Tess Monahan

As a resident of Santa Fe since 1968, I've witnessed the changes that occur with increased population, and growth. Wh…

Photo of Tess Monahan
Associate Broker

Dermot Monks

Dermot Monks was raised in Santa Fe, graduated from St. Michael's High School and obtained his degree in finance at t…

Photo of Dermot Monks
Associate Broker

Susan Munroe

Susan spun a Kentucky Bluegrass backstory into NYC modeling/acting, DC National Geographic writing/management, then S…

Photo of Susan Munroe
Associate Brokers

Team Munroe Smith

Deeply rooted in the vibrancy of The City Different, Susan and Terry’s 20-plus years of enduring success in the Santa…

Photo of Team Munroe Smith
Associate Broker

Linda Murphy

Common Name
Uncommon Broker

Award Winning Top Producer
Sales Design Construction
Intuitive and Pro…

Photo of Linda Murphy
Associate Broker

Alexanna Padilla

Alexanna has cultivated a well-rounded set of business skills; in small business ownership, the university fundraisin…

Photo of Alexanna Padilla
Associate Broker

Wingate Paine

Wingate grew up in Santa Fe and graduated from Santa Fe Prep in 2002. After high school he explored many fields inclu…

Photo of Wingate Paine
Associate Broker

Mike Perraglio

Entrust one of life's major decisions to the advice, recommendations and knowledge of a seasoned broker who knows New…

Photo of Mike Perraglio
Associate Broker

Efrain Prieto

Bringing extensive knowledge of the Real Estate market, and architectural design to his position as an accomplished t…

Photo of Efrain Prieto
Associate Broker

Fred Raznick

Fred Raznick - Winner Of The 2013 Eldorado Resident Of The Year

A full-time Realtor who believes in clear communic…

Photo of Fred Raznick
Associate Brokers

Garfitt Raznick Team

We have both lived and worked as Real Estate professionals in the 285 corridor and Eldorado area, Fred since the late…

Photo of Garfitt Raznick Team
Associate Broker

Elaine Rivera

As a native Santa Fean, Elaine Rivera obviously loves living in Santa Fe! She has teamed up with Santa Fe Properties …

Photo of Elaine Rivera
Associate Broker

Linda Rogers

"Begin your journey home here."

Santa Fe is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is consistently ch…

Photo of Linda Rogers
Associate Broker

Peggy Rosenow

Peggy Rosenow grew up in a small town in Illinois and has lived in many beautiful places since then including Santa B…

Photo of Peggy Rosenow
Associate Broker

Kristin Rowley

I've been interested in buildings ever since childhood. At one point my brother (a future architect) and I created a …

Photo of Kristin Rowley
Associate Broker

Christine Salazar

Associate broker Christine Salazar has always sown the seeds of her success with dedication, hard work and persistenc…

Photo of Christine Salazar
Associate Broker

Abby Salinas

I moved to Santa Fe in 1985 after college and married my husband, John Salinas, who works in the land title industry.…

Photo of Abby Salinas
Associate Broker

Kristin Sargent

Kristin Sargent's roots run deep in our community, and in the real estate business that's always a good thing. She en…

Photo of Kristin Sargent
Associate Broker

Gavin Sayers

A native of England, Gavin Sayers brings a love and understanding of architecture, residences, and people to Santa Fe…

Photo of Gavin Sayers
Associate Broker

Richard Schoegler

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, I received a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University…

Photo of Richard Schoegler
Associate Broker

Elle Seybold

A multi-generational native, born in Santa Fe, Ms. Seybold is intimately familiar with both Santa Fe and Northern New…

Photo of Elle Seybold
Associate Broker

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith must have been destined to live in Santa Fe.

One night, her husband suggested they sell their house in …

Photo of Lisa Smith
Associate Broker

Terry Smith

A former executive at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC Terry and his wife Susan moved to Santa Fe in…

Photo of Terry Smith
Associate Broker

Cary Spier

Cary Spiers family has resided in Santa Fe since the 1940s. She left New Mexico and started a prosperous career in th…

Photo of Cary Spier
Associate Brokers

Bodelson Spier Team

Deborah and Cary have been friends for over 30 years and it shows in their strong business partnership. Their skills …

Photo of Bodelson Spier Team
Associate Broker

Christy Stanley

I have lived in New Mexico for 55 years, 40 of them in Santa Fe. I am married to Susan Kelly, a 4th generation Santa…

Photo of Christy Stanley
Associate Brokers

Bowers Theimer Team

As a lifelong professional artist and entrepreneur, Lee comes to Santa Fe Properties after a twenty five year career …

Photo of Bowers Theimer Team
Associate Broker

Bob Lee Trujillo

A native to Santa Fe, Bob Lee Trujillo was born at the Santa Fe Cradle Home in 1953. His father, Berlin Trujillo, ret…

Photo of Bob Lee Trujillo
Associate Broker

David Trujillo

David is a native of Santa Fe and an active member of the community. When he is not spending time with his family, he…

Photo of David Trujillo
Associate Broker

Brooke Tuthill

Brooke Tuthill is a mid-westerner who spent her childhood visiting family in Santa Fe. She grew to love the culture a…

Photo of Brooke Tuthill
Associate Broker

Philip Vanderwolk

Philip was voted by clients and colleagues as Best Local Real Estate Broker in the 2012 Santa Fe Reporters Best of Sa…

Photo of Philip Vanderwolk
Associate Brokers

Team Vanderwolk Loomis

Philip was voted by clients and colleagues as Best Local Real Estate Broker in the 2012 Santa Fe Reporters Best of Sa…

Photo of Team Vanderwolk Loomis
Associate Broker

Annie Veneklasen

Annie Veneklasen was born and raised in Rancho Santa Fe, California. She attended UC San Diego and Franklin College. …

Photo of Annie Veneklasen
Associate Broker

Margaret Veneklasen

Throughout the 42 years Marg Veneklasen has made Santa Fe her home, she has been dedicated to making Santa Fe a bette…

Photo of Margaret Veneklasen
Associate Broker

Rusty Wafer

Rusty Wafer has been one of the top three Commercial Realtors for the last 36 of his 39 year tenure in Santa Fe real …

Photo of Rusty Wafer
Associate Broker

T.C. Victoria Warner-Stratton

Successfully helping buyers and sellers in the Santa Fe real estate market has always been a family affair for T.C. …

Photo of T.C. Victoria Warner-Stratton
Associate Broker

Jim Weyhrauch

With almost 20 years experience running a business in Santa Fe, Jim Weyhrauch knows what it takes to be successful. "…

Photo of Jim Weyhrauch
Associate Broker

Amber Williams

Amber’s steadfast belief in delivering platinum service to every client is supported by decades of experience working…

Photo of Amber Williams
Associate Broker

Don Wood

Don Wood grew up on a large ranch in central Texas where his life experience was with: horses, cattle, farming, hunti…

Photo of Don Wood
Associate Broker

Dan Wright

Dan was raised in Santa Fe and knows the Santa Fe real estate market and its trends better than most. After graduatin…

Photo of Dan Wright
Associate Brokers

Weyhrauch Wright Team

Jim Weyhrauch and Dan Wright have joined forces to become one of Santa Fe's premier real estate teams. By combining t…

Photo of Weyhrauch Wright Team

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