Kenny Crowley, Associate Broker

Office Location: 1000 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe

Office Phone Number: 505.928.4466

About Kenny

Kenny understands that the world of real estate is about building lasting relationships and friendships, which in turn, fosters a community of quality folks who enjoy working together time and time again.Whether purchasing, selling, or investing, Kenny recognizes that these are momentous occasions in people’s lives.He prides himself on being in tune with his client’s needs and truly listening, while offering his many years of experience and expertise to help navigate through these transitions and advocate for his client’s best interests.With over 20 years of hands-on experience in both commercial and residential construction, Kenny’s keen eye can offer insights that help to identify strengths and avoid potential future pitfalls in your real estate investment. This also comes in handy for recommending improvements and potential costs necessary in getting your property ready for sale on the market.Every real estate transaction offers unique opportunities to learn something new, and it can be fun with the right guidance. Even when stakes are high, Kenny’s calm and kind demeanor helps to make the process fluid and low stress. He operates from a foundation of education, accurate information, and transparency which are paramount in providing this kind of experience. He knows his job is less about selling real estate and more about an investment in people and t ...


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