Susan Bennett, Associate Broker

Susan was born and raised in the idyllic suburban Chicago community of Park Ridge IL. During high school, while visiting friends at college, Susan fell in love with Arizona where she soon went to school, met her husband, started a family and a career in real estate.

"I bought and built my first home in the Phoenix area before my twenty-fifth birthday and bought and built the next one 2 years later. I didn't like the real estate services I received buying or selling either of these properties and that was the catalyst for my entry to the real estate industry."

Shortly after completing the second house, the opportunity to work in the nation's capital came. Susan's real estate career really ignited in the bedroom communities of Northern Virginia surrounding Washington D.C. where Susan affiliated with an independent boutique real estate firm in Reston VA.

"Working with buyers and sellers from all over the world, a lot of my clients were the families of public and private executives with very high expectations and requiring a high level of service. I was mentored and trained by the best, most professional group of brokers a rookie could wish for."

The decision to move back out west, with Santa Fe, NM as the destination of choice, came in 1988. Susan's family really missed the wide-open western skies, "The firm I worked for in Virginia was a member of a network called All Points Relocation. The All Points affiliate in Santa Fe was Santa Fe Properties. I referred myself, bought a house through Santa Fe Properties and got a job all at the same time."

Santa Fe Properties was just starting out as a business and Susan's experience working in a major metropolitan area was recognized quickly. She earned her qualifying broker's license in short order then dedicated herself to earning the Certified Real Estate Manager designation, training with top managers from all over the country. Susan became accomplished in best practices, regulatory compliance and revenue management. She embraced the challenges of growing and maintaining a real estate company, through market highs and lows, to be the leading provider of real estate services in “The City Different".

"Thirty-Four years ago, I was unfamiliar with the Santa Fe real estate market but I knew how to help a startup company develop the infrastructure to move the business forward. Managing a brokerage, unlike sales and marketing, isn't the glamorous part of the business but building the foundation for the success of the individual brokers and business is what I find rewarding".

Office Location: 1000 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe
Office Phone Number: 505.982.4466

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