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To determine the price range of properties for which your financial position allows you to qualify, your broker suggests you meet with a lender who will take a moment to pre-qualify you. This process benefits you in several ways:

  • Your time is not wasted; instead, you are looking at homes you have been pre-qualified to buy.
  • A seller is going to feel more comfortable dealing with a buyer who is already pre-qualified, plus you are in a stronger negotiating position.
  • You can close sooner since your qualification for a loan is already approved!

Determine Your Needs
The feedback your broker receives from you in terms of the type of property you are looking for is invaluable. This includes location, number of bedrooms, number of baths, minimum square footage, minimum lot size, need for garage, storage, etc. The more detailed the information, the better chances we have of finding the perfect Santa Fe property for you in the shortest amount of time.

Extensive Search for Properties
Your broker will extensively search all properties listed in the Multiple Listing Service which meet your requirements. This task will be performed daily until we find the property which you buy. In addition, your broker will contact other Realtors® to inquire about properties which may not have been formally listed.

Preview Properties
When possible, your broker will preview properties which meet your requirements to determine their suitability. This process saves you considerable time and effort.

Property Viewing
Once the list has been narrowed down, your broker will schedule some time with you to view properties.

Once you have determined which property best suits your needs and you are ready to make an offer, your broker will provide you with information on comparable properties which will determine fair market value. Your broker will then write up the offer with pricing, terms and conditions to your satisfaction, then present it to the listing broker and negotiate on your behalf until the offer is either accepted or rejected.

A Successful Closing
Following the terms of the accepted sales contract, your broker will facilitate a successful closing by networking closely with the cooperating broker, lender, appraiser, inspector, surveyor, title company and other professionals.

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