Reasons To Call Santa Fe Home

It’s Different. It’s Distinctive. It’s Downright Delightful. It’s Santa Fe, and people want to live here! It’s not unusual to be on a road trip, at a convention, or “just passing through” and decide that Santa Fe needs to be your Home Sweet Home. Our city has that effect for reasons that are both tangible and impossible to explain.

National magazines have continually ranked Santa Fe as one of the top cities in the country and the world. Below are just some of the reasons to discover Santa Fe. See for yourself why so many people have embraced Santa Fe and now call it home.

June, 2015  — 

March, 2015  — 

July, 2014  — 

April, 2014  — 

January, 2014  — 

  • Huffington Post: Santa Fe is America’s #3 Coziest City.

 October, 2013  —

  • Conde Nast ‘Reader’s Choice Awards’ names Santa Fe #2 in the Top 10 Cities in the US. “Our readers found Santa Fe to be “pure magic”, a “heaven where should vacation.” Their love bumped it from last year’s spot at No. 4 on this list. “Go for the atmosphere, architecture, food, and open spaces.” said one reader, or “take a whole day to explore the galleries.”
  • USA Today lists Santa Fe’s Canyon Road as one of America’s Iconic Streets.

September, 2013 –

  • Kiplinger’s “10 Great Places to Live”….Santa Fe comes in at #4.

 June, 2013 –

  • list Santa Fe’s Farmer’s Market as one of the 9 best in the country.

 April, 2013      

  • Santa Fe is #8 on’s “Top Ten Foodie Cities 2013: Second Helping.”

 August, 2012

  • lists Santa Fe #7 (the top US city) as a “top 10 international destination” for art and architecture. The list, in order, includes Paris, Florence, Vatican City, Berlin, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Tokyo.

 July, 2012

  • Santa Fe is the small city with the best food in the country, according to the Rand McNally/USA Today “Best of the Road Rally.”

 April, 2012

 January, 2012

  • Santa Fe is one of the “10 Great Sunny Places to Retire” – AARP

 December, 2011              

  • Santa Fe tops the list as “The Most Artistic City in America” in The Atlantic Cities.
  • Santa Fe ranked #11 in the “15 Best Housing Markets for the Next 5 Years,” Business Insider.

 November, 2011             

  • New Mexico Business Weekly – According to the Census data, in the population group of 50,000-to-99,999, Santa Fe comes out on top in New Mexico, with a brainpower ranking of 94. The runner up is Las Cruces, sitting at 203, followed by Rio Rancho at 212.
  • Money Magazine named Santa Fe as one of seven “underrated retirement havens”.

 October, 2011                  

  • US News and World Report ranked Santa Fe as one of the “10 Best Places to Retire in 2012″.

 October, 2011                  

  • Outside Magazine’s “Best Places to Live.”
  • World Health Organization survey on air pollution said Santa Fe’s air quality readings are among the cleanest in the world.

 August, 2011                     

  • Travel + Leisure – Santa Fe ranked #5 in United States and Canada category in the “World’s Best Cities” list.

 April, 2011

  • American Lung Association ranked Santa Fe No. 1 for clean air in their “State of the Air Report.”

 November, 2010             

  • Santa Fe clinched first place marks as a cultural getaway and for its peace and quiet as a travel destination in a new ranking of America’s Favorite Cities in Travel + Leisure.

October, 2009                  

  • Santa Fe was named third best U.S. city to visit by Conde Nast Traveler.

 July, 2008                           

  • Santa Fe was named the 4th “Healthiest Hometown” by AARP Magazine.
  • Santa Fe was named “Second Skinniest City in the Nation” by AARP Magazine.
  • American Lung Association ranks Santa Fe #2 in the United States in air quality.

 July, 2006                           

  • Santa Fe was selected as the 5th best place in the US and Canada to visit by Travel + Leisure magazine.
  • Santa Fe was ranked 2nd in the nation for “Cleanest Air Quality” by CNN
  • Santa Fe was named the 10th “Skinniest” city in the nation by CCN

 July, 2005                           

  • Santa Fe was ranked 3rd Best Place in the US and Canada to visit by Travel + Leisure magazine.

 March, 2004

  • Santa Fe was ranked 1st in the country for peacefulness in “America’s Favorite Cities” by Travel + Leisure magazine.


  • Santa Fe was ranked 2nd best place to live in the United States according to Cities Ranked & Rated.

 Winter, 2003                    

  • Santa Fe was named as one of “The 8 Great Tax-Friendly Towns” by Where To Retire magazine.

October, 2003                  

  • Santa Fe was ranked 10th in the world and 3rd in North America for travel by Travel + Leisure magazine.

 September, 2003            

  • Santa Fe was ranked the 5th top city in the nation to visit by Conde Nast Traveler.
  • Santa Fe was rated “America’s Healthiest City” by Organic Style Magazine.

 August, 2003                     

  • Santa Fe was rated “Number 10” on the World’s Best Cities list by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine

 May, 2003                          

  • Santa Fe was named in the “10 Best Places for Business and Careers” by Forbes Magazine.

April, 2003                         

  • Santa Fe was named as one of the 15 best places in the country to “reinvent yourself” by AARP Magazine.

 October, 2002                  

  • Santa Fe was named #4 in the “Best American Cities” list by Travel + Leisure magazine.
  • Santa Fe was named the 5th most popular North American city for travel by Travel + Leisure magazine.

 September, 2002            

  • Santa Fe was ranked as one of the “Top 10 Travel Destinations” by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler in their “Readers Choice” awards for the eleventh straight year.

 Spring, 2002                      

  • Santa Fe was named as #2 of the “Top Ten Art Destinations” by American Style magazine.
  • Santa Fe was named as one of “The West’s Best Places to Live” by Sunset magazine.

 September, 2001            

  • Santa Fe was named one of the“10 Dream Towns” by Outside magazine.

 July, 2000                           

  • Santa Fe was named one of the “Top 10 Places to Retire” by Money magazine.