City Of Santa Fe Demographics

Bienvendios or Welcome to Santa Fe known as the City Different. Every city is different, so what is so special about Santa Fe? First, it has a history dating back over 400 years and the oldest continuously occupied government building in the country, The Palace of the Governors on the Plaza. Santa Fe has a wonderful climate enjoying over 325 days of sunshine and an average daily humidity of under 20%. There is snow in the winter and endless blue skies all year round. The city sits nestled in the Santa Fe River Valley at the foot of the 12,500 ft. high Sangre de Cristo Mountains with skiing only 30 minutes from the center of town. As the western terminal of the Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe served as the first link between the indigenous Pueblo Indian culture that occupied the Rio Grande Valley, the Spanish culture that settled here in the 16th century and the expanding American population that pushed west, first on the trail and then on the railroad in the 1880s. What really makes Santa Fe different is its unique sense of place.

The beauty of the surrounding mountains, the intertwining of ancient cultures into a rich tapestry of colonial and west frontier history, the living connection between the present and the past, the peoples and the land all combined into a very special personal experience of this community at the heart of the “The Land of Enchantment.” The walkable scale of the Plaza area is reflective of an earlier time. The many shops, galleries, and restaurants provide a rich variety of options. There are wonderful museums from Indian Arts to Folk Arts to Spanish Colonial Arts. Outside of Santa Fe, there are unending outdoor opportunities for the adventurous to explore, to hike, to bike, to ski or just sit and take in the surrounding countryside that has inspired generations of artists like Georgia O’Keeffe.

As the first designated UNESCO Creative City for craft and folk arts, Santa Fe attracts accolades from national magazines and organizations. Most recently, Condé Nast Traveler honored Santa Fe with one of the “Best Small Cities in America” award citing the city’s unique beauty, colorful culture, unrivaled art and architecture as key reasons for their decision. Santa Fe has been recognized over the years as one of the top destinations to visit in America and is a wonderful place to live, either to retire or raise a family. The small scale and intimacy of Santa Fe is unique for the wide range and depth of available cultural activities rivaling those offered in much larger metropolitan areas.

Furthering its uniqueness, Santa Fe boasts a tri-culture heritage in an unusual historic blend of Native America, Spanish and Anglo influences. This historical blend makes for a rewarding mix of these elements into everyday life. It is this cultural backdrop found in a thriving modern community where one finds a city that welcomes diversity, embraces both time-honored traditions and progressive thinking, while offering stellar live music, opera and culinary treats. Based on information from the Santa Fe City & County Economic Development, here are a few general statistics to help you learn more about your new community:

147,000 – County of Santa Fe 83,000 – City of Santa Fe

High School Degree or higher: 85% Bachelors or higher: 40%
Graduate or Professional Degree: 19%

5.3% - County of Santa Fe 2014 Average


$52,696 – County of Santa Fe $46,615 – City of Santa Fe


$393,000 – County of Santa Fe $291,000 – City of Santa