Marketing Your Home in Santa Fe

When listing a property, the basics need to be done and we do them right! The following is a list of the services you can expect us to provide:


We submit the property into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system.

Sign and Lockbox

We place a Santa Fe Properties sign and lockbox on the property for the convenience of showing your home. The dynamic Santa Fe Properties sign is a proven winner in attracting prospective buyers. In fact, we receive more calls from signs than from any other form of marketing. National statistics show that 20% of all actual buyers come from “For Sale” signs.


Within a few days, a professional photographer will take exterior and interior photos of your property. This will be used in our marketing, including the exclusive Santa Fe Properties website, the MLS computer system, and the National Association of Realtors® website at We love using the latest technology—ask your broker about virtual tours today.

Fact Sheet/Brochure

We prepare a personalized fact sheet to include features and benefits of your property for real estate brokers to use with potential buyers.

Office Tour

We schedule your property on the weekly Santa Fe Properties office tour on Tuesday mornings. This introduces your property to our sales team and provides invaluable professional input.

MLS Tour

We also schedule your property on the Wednesday MLS property tour. This is an outstanding opportunity to provide your property early, excellent exposure to Realtors® who are members of MLS in Santa Fe.

Promote at MLS

We promote your property at the MLS meetings for maximum exposure to other brokers in the area.

Sunday Open Houses

At your request, your broker will arrange to hold your house open on Sunday. This allows potential purchasers to view your home at their convenience.


Sales brokers from our company, as well as our cooperating brokers, will want to show your home. An appointment will be made with you in advance with the name and company of the showing broker and the approximate time they will be showing the property.

Follow-Up On Showings

Your broker will follow-up with salespeople who have shown your property to establish interest and elicit any meaningful feedback, and then pass this information along to you.

Showing Log

The support team at Santa Fe Properties maintains an extensive database which records every time a property is shown. At any given time, a report can be printed for you with a list of the showings on your property, the date, showing salesperson and their office name.

Pre-Qualify Buyers

When possible, all prospective buyers are pre-qualified, in an effort to show your home only to those who have the interest and ability to buy.


We will publish well-written, quality graphics for your property including announcements for new listings, price reductions and open houses. In addition, your listing will be included in our highly effective and comprehensive Santa Fe Properties web site – Each time an advertisement is placed on your property, you will receive a notification from us informing you of the ad placement and publication date.

Advertising Log

In addition, our office maintains an extensive database that includes how your property was advertised. We can provide you with a report containing this information at any time.

Market Updates

We will continually update you regarding changes in the local real estate market through our in-house newsletter Market Report, published quarterly.

Represent You

We will represent your interests upon presentation of all contracts by the cooperating brokers and help in negotiating the best possible price and terms for you.

Calculate Proceeds

We will calculate the net proceeds from the sale of your property, taking into account your outstanding loan balance and closing costs.

A Successful Closing

We will facilitate a successful closing by networking closely with the cooperating broker, lenders, appraisers, inspectors, surveyors, title companies and other real estate related professionals.

Selling A Home In Santa Fe, New Mexico

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If you have any questions at all about Santa Fe or the surrounding New Mexico area, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-505-982-4466 or send us a message. We're here to help you with all of your Santa Fe real estate needs.

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