Noah Gallegos, Marketing & IT Associate

Noah Gallegos

Marketing & IT Associate

Gallegos is a native of New Mexico with deep roots along the Pecos River. His drive to soar and conquer every challenge has motivated him since day one. While in college, he worked for Information Technology Services (ITS). This position allowed him to work alongside developers and department directors to ensure end-user support. While doing this, he was also the universities Media Aid coordinator. After graduating from New Mexico Highlands University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications, he quickly shifted to Santa Fe, where he joined Santa Fe Properties.

During this time, he expanded his network and gained valuable industry connections. Despite the job demands, Gallegos has kept learning and growing as an individual, believing that each opportunity is an experience worth taking advantage of. His passionate commitment to pushing boundaries and reaching his goals is unbeatable. He believes that every opportunity is valuable and approaches each experience as an opportunity to grow and better himself. He has enjoyed the new family he has been a part of at the company. Smiling every day, he has been a team leader for everyone.

Gallegos approaches each opportunity as a chance to learn and grow - no matter how small or large - and values every experience for what it can bring him. A jack of all trades, he loves exploring new adventures, playing some music, and making use of his photography skills. His desire to live life to its fullest is inspiring, and he will continue conquering challenges wherever they arise!

Office Location: 1000 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe
Office Phone Number: 505.982.4466