Pricing Your Home to Sell in Santa Fe

Setting the Sales Price of your Santa Fe Home
When homes are priced properly to begin with they sell quickly and usually for the most money.


  • Reduces sales associates activity
  • Reduces advertising response
  • Loses interested buyers
  • Attracts the wrong prospects
  • Eliminates offers
  • Helps sell the competition
  • Can cause appraisal problems
  • Extends market time

Market value is simply the price at which a willing seller would sell and a willing buyer would buy. It is determined by using comparable properties that have sold in the past six to twelve months.

Never select a Realtor® based on sales price without facts to support it.


Realtors® do not set the price, the market does. Our Realtors® will present a Comparative Market Analysis of your property. This report will provide you with the necessary facts for setting the sales price of your property.

A property makes on the market and brokers, the largest impression and most impact in the first few weeks of the listing. The property should show its best and be well-priced at this time. Experience shows us that a more immediate sale nets the highest profit.

Selling A Home In Santa Fe, New Mexico

Blue front door of historic home in Santa Fe, NM

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