Many homeowners overlook the vast importance of well-maintained weather stripping materials, especially when it comes to maintaining top energy efficiency in your home.  Weather stripping on windows and doors protects the home from air leaks, but as weather stripping ages, it loses its effectiveness.

Stay ahead of the game by checking for worn-out weather stripping and replacing it.

Identifying Worn Weather Stripping

Weather stripping deteriorates due to age, friction, and exposure to the elements. It also can be damaged by people, pets, and pests. At least once each year, inspect your windows and doors to check for air leaks that indicate your weather stripping isn’t doing its job.

  • Self-adhesive foam tape loses its grip over time,…

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Another interesting yet contentious element of New Mexican history are the Spanish and Mexican land grants.  Land grants were made both to individuals and communities during the Spanish (1598–1821) and Mexican (1821–1846) periods of New Mexico's history.  


Nearly all of the Spanish records of land grants prior to the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 were destroyed in the revolt.  Thus, historians can often only be certain of land grants that were made after the Spanish Reconquest of New Mexico in 1693.  There were two major types of land grants: private grants made to individuals, and communal grants made to groups of individuals for the purpose of establishing settlements.  Individual grants were invariably huge, some measured hundreds of thousands of…

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