No doubt we are all weary of the COVID catastrophe.  As time has progressed it has been dismaying to witness the deterioration of our society and economy.  In some ways I feel as if our very humanity is being lost.  The way people look at “others” with suspicion and anger, as if they may be a harbinger of disease.  The way neighbours are tattling on neighbours and local businesses.  The way our Western governments have assumed totalitarian-esque powers and citizens have quietly tolerated it.  I am concerned these parasitic ideas will fester and grow, and our sense of community and brotherhood will be lost.  But I digress, last month I wrote about the disregarded victims of our government’s actions – the children, the poor, the small business owners, the…

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Normally at this time of year we would gather as a company to celebrate the holidays, the year behind us and the year ahead. As we all know, this year is very different. Because we cannot gather as a group for a traditional holiday party we decided to host a 'Holiday Pie Parade', to gift pies to our Santa Fe Properties family and spread a little cheer. Throughout the day brokers and staff drove (or walked) up to receive a pie from our Santa Fe Properties President, Liz Cale. It was also an opportunity to give out our 2019 Top Producer Awards. Congratulations to our 2019 Top Producers and Happy Holidays to all!


A special thank you to The Cake Odyssey for the delicious pies!

Paul Geoffrey

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